#FeaturedArtistFriday Rachel Koprowski-Pople

February 16, 2018

This week's Featured Artist is someone that I have had the privilege of knowing for a very long time. We were absolute best friends growing up and danced every day together. Rachel grew up in Columbia, SC and now she resides in Paris as a Disney Cast Member. Check out her interview below to find out about her involvement in the arts! 


1. Name
     Rachel Koprowski-Pople

2. Current Job, Show, Place of Employment etc. 

    Disneyland Paris, "Mickey and the Magician" 

3.  What is the normal day like in the life of a performer?
     "The normal day is to come in, get makeup on, then do a warm up, put more               makeup on, then a rehearsal of what place we will be doing that day, and then           any touch ups just before the show. Three shows, lunch and then another two           shows."

4. When did you first get involved in the arts?
     "I first got involved at age two." 

5. Did your school provide arts training?
     "My high school only had drama."

6. Where did you do your private training?
     "Broadway Bound: Musical Theatre Company and Columbia City Jazz."

7. What made you choose a profession in the arts?
     "The love of being on stage and seeing the joy it brings to people." 

8. What would you like to see happen with the arts in our community and within our school                   systems?
    "I wish for the arts to gain more support and for its budget to expand to create         more opportunities." 



I thought I would add a few throwback pictures at the end for a good laugh. Stay tuned for next week's Featured Artist Friday!


                   Ali B. 







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