#FeaturedArtistFriday Becca Rietz Kelly

March 9, 2018

I am SO excited about this week's #FeaturedArtistFriday! In honor of Children's Hospital Week I thought that it would be AMAZING if this week's artist worked with children in the medical field. I immediately thought of Becca! She is a music therapist at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital which is a partner with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Take a look at her interview below!


1. Name

Becca Kelly

2. Place of Employment/ Job Position

Palmetto Health Children's Hospital/Child Life Supervisor and Music Therapist

3. How did you get involved in the arts?

Music has always been a passion. When I heard there was such a thing as music therapy-where music is used as a tool to help people-I knew I'd found my niche. I majored in music therapy and music education at Wartburg College in Iowa. I came to SC for my music therapy internship and have spent my whole career as a music therapist at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital. 

4. Were you involved in the arts as a child? And if so how? and did it mold you into the person you are today?

As a child you couldn't stop me from singing! Involvement in any kind of choir was always my favorite activity. I learned to play the piano just to accompany myself and spent many hours singing around the piano with my sisters (this always made me feel a little like Little Women). This love and success in music gave me confidence in other areas of life. Participation in groups gave me lifelong friends. As an adult I took my love of singing in a new direction with community theatre. I cannot imagine my life without the arts!

5. Have you seen any changes in patients because of the arts?

Children are wired to love music! -Even a baby can keep rhythm! Being in a hospital can be a scary experience for a child. Bringing music-something that is nonthreatening and that a child is already familiar with-into a hospital room helps to normalize the environment. A child will brighten up when they play and sing a favorite song. Music helps a child calm when they are in a stressful situation. Music is a great distraction from pain and during procedures. Music in a hospital helps build positive relationships both with staff and other patients. Music allows children to express themselves. Music is a wonder for what it can do. 

6. What would you like to see happen with the arts in our community and within our school systems?

I am big fan of striving to be a renaissance man (or woman)! The arts may not be a career choice for everyone, but they help round out life and enhance the human experience and bring a little of the other-worldly to our lives. As Dumbledore says (yes, I'm a Harry Potter geek): "Ah music! A magic far beyond what we do here". I believe that music and arts are essential to our life education. 

7. Other than this job how the arts effect your daily life?

The arts help me de-stress and express myself. I really need to spend more time at home doing music!

8. Any advice for other artists.

Keep art in your life! If it's your profession love it and take care of yourself! If it is a side-passion, don't ever let it go!

Thank you Becca for allowing me to feature you this week and for all of the work that you do for the Children at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital! 


Make sure to support your local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Want to know how you can help? You can contact me or donate to the link below!


Tune in next week for #FeaturedArtistFriday! 



                  Ali B. 




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