#FeaturedArtistFriday Niani Feelings

March 23, 2018

This week's featured artist is none other than my good friend, Niani Feelings! I am so proud of her and all of the things that she has accomplished. This South Carolina native has hit the road running and currently resides in Oregon where she is working for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival! Check out her interview below! 

1) Name

Niani Feelings


2) Current Job, Show, Place of employment etc.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 


3) What is the normal day like in the life of a performer?

"I'd say the normal day in the life of an artist is full of creation. In my case as an actor, I spend a lot of time in rehearsal working on shows. I also try to journal, improvise in a dance studio, take classes, watch a lot of tv and movies and read to keep the creative juices flowing."


4) When did you first get involved in the arts?

"My mom is a writer and my dad was an illustrator so I feel like I was born into the arts. But when I was five I did my first musical at Town Theatre and I feel like I found my little corner of the arts world."


5) Did your school provide arts training?

"Yes! Every level of school i attended provided arts training (at least as an option that I always took advantage of) and I am incredibly grateful for that. I think the opportunity to receive arts training at my school was key to any success I've had."


6) Where did you do your private training?

"I trained at Broadway Bound with Dedra Daniels Mount, Columbia City Jazz Dance Company, and The Southern Strutt Dance Company. I attended The Boston Conservatory for college and received a BFA in musical theater with a emphasis in acting."


7) What made you choose a profession in the arts?

"I knew from my very first musical that this was what I needed to be doing. The arts is where I feel at home. The arts are what make me happy. In choosing a profession it was important that I woke up and was excited to go to work every day. The arts does that for me."


8)What would you like to see happen with the arts in our community and within our school systems?

"I would love to see our arts community really grow and flourish. I want there to be a lot of professional theaters so I can go back to Columbia and work in the place I grew up for comparable money as in the big cities. As far as arts in the schools, I want the community to recognize how incredibly important they art. How having the arts in schools creates better and more well rounded human beings. I want them to get more money and more unquestioned support. I want the validity of the arts in schools to never be questioned again."


9) Any advice for other artists?

"My advice is to find what makes you happy and let it make you happy as many days of your life as it possibly can!"





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