#FeaturedArtistFriday Meredith Piper

April 6, 2018

This week's artist is the one and only Meredith Piper who resides in Greenville, SC! Keep reading to learn all about Meredith and her very own business that is downtown Greenville on the Reedy River. 


 Photo by Eli Warren 


  1. Name:
    Meredith Piper


  2. Job/Employer: 
    "(Self employed) Meredith Piper Art is my art business, and my gallery/studio is located in downtown Greenville on the Reedy River."


  3. What is the normal day like in the life of an artist? 
    "After a cup of caffeine, I love both coffee and tea, I have some quiet time to get ready for the day.  When I get an idea for a new series, like the orchids I am currently working on, I do a lot of sketching and photographing of the subject to reference. If I can't paint from life, it's nice to have my own images to refer back to. Whether I am painting or creating textiles, the next stage in the creative process is usually full of many layers, some successful and some not. But this is where the magic and growth happens! By the time I have completed a piece, many areas have been repainted or yarn has been ripped out and reworked. This "process" is such a great teacher, it’s how I grow at my craft. And of course there are small breaks throughout the day to answer emails and keep up with the business side of my job." 


  4. When did you first get involved in the arts?

    "Pre-school is where my passion for the arts began. It was the endless possibilities as a child that drew me to art, my blank canvas could become anything, and boy did I have quite the imagination. I could get lost making high fashion designs with my textured rubbing sheets. There was awe in creating the appearance of texture on a flat piece of paper. My fascination has grown over the decades from paper and pencil, to oil and acrylic paints, as well as weaving and wood working." 

  5. Did your school provide arts training?
    "Yes, I was fortunate to go to some amazing public and magnet schools that had great art programs, starting in Kindergarten. Some of those art teachers have become mentors and friends of mine now."


  6. Where did you do your private training?
    "I work and create out of my studio downtown. I occasionally teach lessons and small workshops as well. From time to time I will also attend workshops to help push myself and grow in my craft."


  7. What made you choose a profession in the arts?
    "That's all I've ever had my heart set on, there has never been another option.I taught art in the school system until I was able to just create art full time, which has truly been a blessing." 


  8. What would you like to see happen with the arts in our community and within our school systems?
    "I've taught art in the public school system in Louisiana but not in SC. But what I have seen from being plugged into the art community of Greenville the past year and a half is impressive. I've not seen too many cities that offer so many art programs for students as well as community engagement with organizations like GCCA. Greenville is ahead of its time with the Arts."


  9. Any advice for young artists or anyone pursuing art?
    "Making your peers in your field your community and not your competition is the healthiest thing you can do not only for you to grow your talents but for your soul. You can’t believe the things you will learn and the encouragement you will receive when you start living out your career/life by this motto. Living in a state of comparison and competition only steals your joy, and takes away your special sauce that only you can bring to the table. Sometimes it takes turning off our electronic screens and reminding ourselves, “Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken” - Oscar Wilde"

Here are a few pictures of Meredith painting and her art. Make sure to visit her website to view more art and to learn about her wedding and live event paintings! 


 Photo by Ryan and Alyssa Photography

Make sure to tune in next week for Featured Artist Friday! 

                  Ali B. 

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