#FeaturedArtistFriday Ali Henderson

April 27, 2018


This weeks artist is truly amazing! Ali is an up and coming musician who currently lives in Nashville where she studies at Belmont University. Check out her interview below to learn about this amazing talent!

  1. Name
    Ali Henderson 

  2. Current Job
    "Full time student at Belmont University in Nashville TN majoring in songwriting with a minor in Vocal performance. Part time waitress at mellow mushroom!"

  3. What is the normal day like in the life of a performer?
    "I write constantly. I draw inspiration from random conversations so I’m always writing things down. I’m co-writing with people in the industry, and always trying to network."

  4. When did you first get involved in the arts?
    "I have been involved in the arts since I was a little girl. I grew up singing in church and it kind of progressed from there. I got a manager when I was around 13 and that really put things in perspective for me. After that I was on American Idol, and everything clicked. Being in Hollywood with a sea of people who are all so talented and driven only pushed me further!"

  5. Did your school provide arts training? 
    "My high school had drama and choir."

  6. Where did you do your private training? 
    "I did my private studies individually with a vocal coach and guitar teacher!"

  7. What made you choose a profession in the arts?
    "I feel like I have something to say. Somehow people make sense of what I write and what I feel, and it makes them feel something to. I consider myself a storyteller over anything so, to be able to communicate something and everyone leave the show and have bonded or connected with a certain song or lyric.. that’s my goal."

  8. What would you like to see happen with the arts in our community and within our school systems?
    "I would love to see better funding. The guitar class at my high school had no budget so they were playing on guitars you had to tune every 2 minutes. Also the choir department had such a lack of funding. Sports are huge at the high school I graduated from, and the arts got swept deep under the rug. I would just like the support of the school board, and for them to recognize the arts ARE valid."

  9. Any advice for upcoming artists?

    "I would just say, if you are an artist who knows what direction you want to go in (musically), there are going to be lots of people that you write with/work with, that will say “you need to sound this way, or you need to do this to end up on radio.” Don’t listen.  Stay true to yourself, because if you don’t... what are you really doing it for? Authenticity builds a lasting fan base!"

Make sure to subscribe to  Ali's youtube channel here and follow her page on Facebook here

Stay tuned for the next Featured Artist! 

                    Ali B. 

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